The perfect breakfast in every bowl!

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Hot & Cold Cereal Single Serve 6 X 320 gram box


Good things come in single-serve packages… just like our Dark Chocolate Quinoa Granola Single Serve Packs. Perfect for people on the go (or if you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times that morning), these 40g packs fit comfortably in purses, knapsacks and lunch boxes. Made with dark chocolate, wheat-free oats and quinoa, these single-serve snacks are like healthy little ninjas that sneak up on your sweet cravings and take them out before they know what hit them. Keep them at your desk and pull one out when you need a “Me” moment – there’s eight in a box that are perfectly proportioned for your personal time outs. Eat them as granola or as a hot cereal – they go both ways!

Ingredients: wheat-free oats, quinoa flakes, sunflower seeds, ground chia seeds, brown rice syrup, dark chocolate (cacao mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla extract), sunflower oil.